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want to book the  karaoke lounge at Cuckoo?

How much? Room hire is free! We require a £25pp minimum spend. Don't worry though, this goes straight to your bar tab for the evening! We require a £50 deposit upon booking. Please read the full terms and conditions below before booking at

Before you Book

Terms & Conditions

- Booking requires a minimum of 4 guests up to a maximum of 15. No less than 4 is allowed at any time.

- Upon arrival, make yourself known to staff and you will be directed to the Karaoke Lounge when it’s ready.

- Please note that if you are late, we do not extend the time slot as other guests may be in the slot after you.

- Upon your arrival, the remainder of your bill will be settled in advance, you will then be brought to the room. That, along with your deposit will be added to your tab for the evening. Any extra spending will be settled before you depart.

- The term "the Bill," means that each person is required to pay a £25pp minimum spend in advance (minus any deposits).

- When you get into the Karaoke Lounge, you will be shown how to use our system. We don’t have Karaoke books or slips. The Karaoke System is something like Spotify and so easy to use. Everything is at your control.

- Feel free to bring decorations for birthdays etc - just no confetti or party poppers. Food is permitted.

- Your own alcohol is strictly not permitted in the Karaoke Lounge 

- During the Covid outbreak, hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes will be made available in your room.

- The Karaoke Lounge is completely private to you and your guests. Other guests will not be permitted into the room.

- A waiter will be paid exclusive to you and your guests so you never have to leave the room if you don’t want to.

- Abuse to any of the staff will not be tolerated - ever.

- These terms and conditions are not exhaustive. If we deem any group to have breached our terms and conditions, you will be asked to leave the premises without refund. 

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